Web Design

About Me

I am a Freelance Web Developer based in Spalding Lincolnshire.

For years I have loved gadgets and technology and had a knowledgeable understanding of computers.

In 2017 it was suggested by the company I worked for to look at their website.

This intrigued me and made me want to understand how websites work.

I signed up to study for a diploma in web developing.

This involved full stack Development from front end (what the user sees) to back end (behind the scenes), studying every evening whilst still working part time.

My mission is to help many businesses, especially working mums, to spread their word and help them grow,
maximising their potential by using the powers of the internet and develop the lifestyle they have always desired.

I am available to come and meet you and discuss your requirements. I will then design a bespoke site and send you a proof for you approval.

It doesn't stop there, I also offer continued support and maintenance.

Together we will reach greater heights.

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